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Verti-Seed® 1204

(Over) Seeding

Verti-Seed® 1204

The Verti-Seed is designed for the professional user who wants precision control of dosage and depth, ensuring maximum germination for all seed types.


Working width m:1.24 m
Working width inch:49 inch
Max working depth mm:30 mm
Max working depth inch:1.18 inch
Max working speed kmh:8 km/h
Max working speed mh:5 m/h
Weight kg:590 kg
Weight lbs:1300 lbs
Disc spacing mm:40 mm
Disc spacing inches:1.57 inch
Hopper capacity ltr:145 ltr
Seed-tray capacity cuft:51.206 cu.ft.
Number of seeding elemens:31
Min tractor hp required:22 HP
Min lifting capacity kg:750 kg
Min lifting capacity lbs:1650 LBS
Max capacity m2hr:1000 m²/hr
Max capacity ft2hr:12000 ft2/hr
Three-pointhitch:3-point CAT 2
Rpm max:540 rpm
Dimensions mm:1550 x 600 x 1100 mm
Dimensions inch:62 x 24 x 44 inch