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Verti-Drain® 1513


Verti-Drain® 1513

The Verti-Drain 1513 is one of the High Speed

series. The machine is very fast and has a light weight. The Verti-Drain 1513 can be powered by a tractor PTO or by a Redexim Carrier machine.


Working width m:1.32 m
Working width inch:52 inch
Max working depth mm:150 mm
Max working depth inch:6 inch
Working speed at hole spacing 65 mm kmh:1.8 km/h
Working speed at hole spacing 2-12 mph:1.1 mph
Weight kg:425 kg
Weight lbs:937 lbs
Hole distance with 12 mm tines mm:55 mm
Hole distance with 12 x 6 tines inches:2-1/8 inch
Hole spacing driving distance direction mm:25 - 125 mm
Hole spacing distance driving direction inches:1 - 5 inch
Max diameter-solid tine mm:12 x 150 mm
Max diameter-solid tine inches:1/2 x 6 inch
Max diameter hollow tine mm:19 x 150 mm
Max diameter hollow tine inches:3/4 x 6 inch
Min tractor hp required:25 HP
Min lifting capacity kg:650 kg
Min lifting capacity lbs:1450 LBS
Max capacity with spacing 65 mm m2hr:2388 m²/hr
Max capacity with spacing 2-12 ft2hr:25703 ft²/hr
Three-pointhitch:3-point CAT 1
Rpm max:540 rpm
Gear case oil:80W90 - 0.9
Lubricant:EP 2
Dimensions mm:1610 x 970 x 780 mm
Dimensions inch:63.4 x 38.2 x 30.7 inch