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Turf-Tidy 2300 as Scarifier

Scarification/ Mowing/ Sweeping & Collecting

Turf-Tidy 2300 as Scarifier

The Turf Tidy is a versatile sweeping machine, incorporating de-thatching, verticutting and flail cutting. The Turf Tidy’s fully floating head follows the ground contours ensuring accurate cutting and pick up.


Working width m:1.4 m
Working width inch:55 inch
Max working depth mm:Harrow: -30 Mowing: 10 / 80 mm
Max working depth inch:Harrow: -1.2 Mowing: 0.4 - 3.1 inch
Hopper capacity:2.3 m³
Hopper capacity ft3:81 FT3
Max working speed kmh:As Sweeping: 1-10 As Harrowing: 1-5 As Mowing: 1-2 km/h
Max working speed mh:As Sweeping: 0.6 - 6 As Harrowing: 0.6 - 3 As Mowing: 0.6 - 1.5 m/h
Weight kg:1358 kg
Weight lbs:2994 lbs
Tipping height mm:2170 mm
Tipping height inches:85 inch
Disctance between blades harrowmm:20 /40 mm
Disctance between blades harrowinch:0.8 / 1.6 inch
Min tractor hp required:Harrow&mowing: 35 HP
Rpm max:Harrow&Mowing: 540 rpm
Gearbox oil:1.7L SAE 80W90
Dimensions mm:3604 x 2223 x 1407 mm
Dimensions inch:142 x 88 x 55 inch

Standard components

Toolbox with combi tool and manual
Harrowing blade set 2 mm + blades with integrated tips


Harrowing blade set 3 mm
Flail blades
Brush kit
Front wheel set for the head
2 extra rear wheels