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Rink DS1200


Rink DS1200

The Rink DS1200 is a top dresser with dual spinners with a spread pattern variable up to 12 meters. The operation of the belt and spinners can be done from the tractor seat. by switching the hydraulic lever.


Operation:Towed version
Spreading width m:Up to 12 m
Spreading width inch:Up to 472 inch
Hopper capacity:1.2 m³
Hopper capacity ft3:42.4 FT3
Max working speed kmh:25 km/h
Max working speed mh:16 m/h
Weight kg:490 kg
Weight lbs:1080 lbs
Spreading thickness mm:0.5 - 15 mm
Min tractor hp required:25 HP
Min oil supply of tractor lmin:25 l/min
Min oil supply of tractor us galmin:6.6 US Gal/min
Min pressure:140 bar
Min pressure psi:2030.52 bar
Required connections:1x Double-acting hydraulic valve
Dimensions mm:3400 x 1400 x 1560 mm
Dimensions inch:134 x 55 x 61.4 inch