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Synthetic Turf


The Eliminator removes infill material from artificial turf playing surfaces by using a soft rotating brush that sweeps into the surface, removes the infill and throws it forward onto a primary conveyor. The material is then transferred to a secondary conveyor where it is lifted upwards to be off loaded into a trailer or bag for removal from the surface.


Working width m:1.5 m
Working width inch:59 inch
Max working depth mm:0 - 40 mm
Max working depth inch:0 - 1.5 inch
Max working speed kmh:5 km/h
Max working speed mh:3 m/h
Weight kg:600 kg
Weight lbs:1320 lbs
Min tractor hp required:35 HP
Min lifting capacity kg:900 kg
Min lifting capacity lbs:1984 LBS
Max capacity m2hr:7500 m²/hr
Max capacity ft2hr:80730 ft2/hr
Three-pointhitch:3-point CAT 1-2
Gearbox oil:SAE 30
Dimensions mm:1625 x 2120 x 2120 mm
Dimensions inch:64 x 84 x 84 inch