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Double Disc Overseeder 1830A

(Over) Seeding

Double Disc Overseeder 1830A

The Double Disc Overseeder delivers the seed into the soil via the discs, which cuts slits 3cm apart, ensuring maximum germination.


Working width m:1.83 m
Working width inch:72 inch
Max working depth mm:5-30 mm
Max working depth inch:.19 - 1.18 inch
Max working speed kmh:12 km/h
Max working speed mh:7.5 m/h
Weight kg:1647 kg
Weight lbs:3631 lbs
Disc spacing mm:30 mm
Disc spacing inches:1.18 inch
Hopper capacity ltr:330 ltr
Seed-tray capacity cuft:11.65 cu.ft.
Number of seeding elemens:61
Min tractor hp required:50 HP
Min lifting capacity kg:1647 kg
Min lifting capacity lbs:3631 LBS
Max capacity m2hr:21960 m²/hr
Max capacity ft2hr:236375 ft2/hr
Three-pointhitch:3-point CAT 1-2
Dimensions mm:1470 x 2220 x 1351 mm
Dimensions inch:58 x 87 x 53 inch

Standard components

Toolbox with combi tool and manual
Fillable back roller with scraper
Infinitely adjustable gearbox for adjusting the seeding density
Integrated seed spreading tray


Wheel kit