The training camp for the German national team is located near Moscow, at the training ground in Batutinki of the Premier League football club CSKA Moscow.

Because nearly all of the World Cup stadiums are using hybrid turf, the training field was constructed using a Desso Grassmaster brand hybrid turf.

After a very long and severe Russian winter, it was not until the beginning of April that head groundsman Roman Kafafjan, was able to overseed the field, with a mixture of 30% Poa and 70% Reygrass. For this purpose, two different overseeding machines, produced by Redexim, were applied. At first the grass seed was placed deeper in the soil by applying several passes with the Overseeder model 1275. This Disc Overseeder delivers the seed into the soil via discs, ensuring maximum germination.

This was followed by the Speed Seed 1600, spreading seed in thousands of tiny holes, immediately under the surface. In order to accelerate the germination process the underground-heating system was switched on immediately afterwards.

Finally, the Verti-Drain Aerator was applied to decompact the soil, and to create ideal growing conditions for the grass. On April 25, 2018 was the first test match of a youth team of FC CSKA Moscow.

On June 12 the German Mannschaft will arrive at their basecamp, finding their trainings pitch in excellent conditions.
By then the current infrastructural construction on site will be completed.