On June 12 the German national team, the current world-champion, arrived at their basecamp in Watuniki. ”There we will find optimal conditions”, teammanager Olivier Bierhoff said prior to departure from Germany.
Fieldmanager Roman Kafafjan and his team did the upmost to bring the trainingsfield in the best possible condition.

the Verti-Drain aerator model 7215 loosens the soil up to 25 cms deep

The Verti-Drain aerator (model 7215) is intensively
being used on the new pitch, loosening the soil a
little bit while leaving the playing field pristine.
Thus the grass roots can grow and develop well,
rainwater will drain away quickly and the playing
field becomes more even and elastic. The risk of
leg injuries decreases.






At the end a strip of artificial grass was installed around the playing field, which was accurately filled with sand and granulate infill with the Rink 1010 brush streader. This topdresser was also used to spread sand on the natural turf of the playing field.

The Rink spreader fills the artificial turf strip, first with sand (photo left) and then with rubber granulate (photo right)

”Our ambitions here are incredibly high”, says Bierhoff. Winning the World Cup is the target. At the same time, the standards for the playing field are set incredibly high. These machines produced by Redexim will help to achieve those ambitions.

The Verti-Spray is being used to spray fertilizers on the field.