Tatarstan is an autonomic republic within the Russian Federation and it’s main stadium is the Kazan Arena (inaugurated in 2013), which will host 6 matches for the upcoming World Cup.

Kazan Arena                                                            Slaughtering of a goat

The Tatars have their own cultural customs, and for the upcoming important seazon they slaughtered a goat in the goalmouth following traditional rules, in the belief that this will serve as a blessing for the home team.

The stadiumfield consists of hybrid turf by Desso Grassmaster, and a strip of hybrid turf type Mixto was placed around the playing area.

The overseeder DD1830 overseeds the seed in grooves only 3 cms apart

For overseeding head groundsman Aleksey Petushkov uses a combination of two machines produced by Redexim, one is a disc seeder (Overseeder DD model 1830), placing the seed deeper in grooves, and the other one is a spiked seeder (Speed-Seed), delivering the seed in thousands of small holes immediately under the surface.

The Overseeder DD model 1830 delivers the seed into the soil via discs, ensuring a maximum germination. The grooves are only 3 cms apart from each other, what is closer than any other overseeding machine on the market. This is followed by the Speed Seed 1600, spreading the seed in thousands of tiny holes, immediately under the surface. This way it is assured that the density of the grass is being maximized..

The Speed-Seed 1600 spreads the seed in                  the Rink Topdresser  accurately spreading the
thousands of holes                                                     sand

Aleksey overseeded the field in November 2017, just before the start of the harsh winter with temperatures reaching minus 30 degrees Celsius. The field and the seed were being protected against the winter cold under a light cover. At the beginning of the spring in March 2018 the underground heating was switched on, and the seed was able to germinate quickly. As soon as the soil was firm enough to bring the tractors on, both seeding machines were applied again. This process was repeated a few times during spring. When the overseeding was completed, a Rink brush spreader was being used to bury the seed under a thin layer of sand, and several brushes (Verti-Broom, Verti-Comb, Verti-Brush) where used to brush the material into the grass sward. Finally, the Verti-Drain Aerator model 7215 was applied to decompact the soil, and to create ideal growing conditions for the grass

Sand is brushed into the grass sward (left: Verti-Broom,
above: Verti-Comb 1800)    


Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI)’s Gordon Howat (left), checking the quality of the pitch to meet international quality standards, with head groundsman Aleksey Petushkov (right)