06 Jul 2016
July 6, 2016

EURO 2016: France

Redexim Carrier & Verti-Drain helps English Base Camp to get rid of water! England’s training camp based to the north of Paris in Chantilly is home to the team while competing in UEFA Euro 2016. Alan Ferguson, Head of Grounds and Estates for the FA group is not only responsible for Wembley Stadium and St.. read more →

11 Sep 2015
September 11, 2015

BLEC Joins the Redexim Stable

Redexim bv, the parent company of Redexim North America, has reached an agreement to purchase the assets of BLEC Global Ltd of the United Kingdom. The deal includes the purchase of the BLEC name and means that the products will continue to be traded around the world by Redexim under the name of BLEC. Redexim.. read more →

At the World-Cup 2014 self propelled maintenance machines were used so that ground pressure was minimized, thus avoiding damage to the pitches. Tractors are not permitted on the 12 stadium fields during the tournament , in order to prevent the risk of imprints in the turf. The Redexim Carrier is a pedestrian tow vehicle, and its large smooth.. read more →

The 12 stadiums hosting the World Cup in Brazil were intensively prepared, as the heavy wear and challenging growth conditions put a lot of pressure on the pitches. So the preparation has seen much turfstripping, verticutting, overseeding, topdressing and aeration in the build up. Redexim products have been at the forefront of this work. Brazilian football pitches are generally Bermuda.. read more →

The World Cup matches in the 12 stadiums will be played on Rye grass, which does not stand the Brazilian tropical conditions very well. The new Corinthians stadium of Sao Paulo already contains Rye grass which is being cooled down from underneath through pipes. The other 11 stadiums currently contain Bermuda grass. The Bermuda grass is dormant in the.. read more →