13 Aug 2019
August 13, 2019

Redexim Talon – New

Weed control without chemicals

The Redexim Talon uses straight tines to remove weeds, moss and dead organic material from lawns. When moving forward, the tines rotate and move sideways, creating tiny grooves which are only 7mms apart. Thanks to their vertical “dented’’ shape, the tines are very flexible and they do not tear healthy, well-rooted grasses out of the ground. Thus, several passed can be made with the Talon on the same turf area. The active motion of the tines ensures that no debris material is being dragged off, as the tines clean themselves. The Redexim Talon is available in sizes starting from 2m till 4.5m (foldable) working width.

only one bolt needs to be loosened to change the tines
Talon models 300 and 450 consist of three sections, following the contours of the terrain
a brush can be added to Talon model 200, for use on artificial turf