Extreme Clean

The Extreme Clean maintains synthetic turf systems that use sand or an infill mix for stability. The machine contains a set of firm brushes, which rotate in opposite directions. The infill is vigorously brushed bringing it to the turf surface. The Extreme Clean is ideal to regenerate tennis courts, sand-filled football fields and hockey fields. It makes it possible to extend the effective lifetime of any synthetic turf field considerably. The Extreme Clean loosens even the most stubborn compacted infill and is a useful tool to use when loosening infill material for removal for the end of life disposal of synthetic fields and repairs in troubled areas.

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FastSaves time and money
Easy to UseIt will rapidly become your operator’s favorite machine
Fast Between JobsEnsuring trouble free use and simple maintenance

 Extreme Clean 1200Extreme Clean 1800
Working Width47" (1.2 m)71" (1.8 m)
Weight495 lbs (225 kg)660 lbs (300 kg)
Tractor Recommended23
Collection Hopper Capacity69
Maximum Capacity18 hp (13.4 kw)25 hp (18.6 kw)