Verti-Top 1500

Regular maintenance of synthetic turf is necessary to keep playing surfaces clean, bacteria-free and allow water infiltration. The Verti-Top 1500 employs a highly effective synthetic rotary brush to remove debris and top layer infill from the turf, then sifts the debris out in a unique vibratory shaker which redistributes the clean infill back on the field. Finishing the work is a rear lag brush, leaving a clean and smooth playing surface. Now with optional vacuum attachment.

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Fast Working SpeedsAllows daily usage for a clean and debris free field
Cleans and Sifts InfillSaves time and material
Decompacts and Grooms TurfFor an attractive & safe playing surface
Optional Vacuum AttachmentComplete dust and debris control
Easy-Empty Debris HopperMakes quick work of debris disposal

ModelVerti-Top 1500
Working Width57.8" (1.47 m)
Weight981 lbs (445 kg) – 1,135 lbs (515 kg) with VAC unit
Tractor Recommended– 25 hp with minimum lifting capacity of 1,157.4 lbs (525 kg)
– With VAC unit: lifting capacity of 1,322.8 lbs (600 kg)
Collection Hopper Capacity6.0 cu. ft. (170 L)
Maximum Capacity129,921 sq. ft./h (17,616 sq. m./h) at 7.5 mph
Mesh of Sifting Screens
(Standard Supplied)
0.2" x 0.2" (5 mm x 5 mm)
Three-Point ConnectionCat. 1
Optional– Sifting screens for various infill sizes
– Vacuum unit for dust particles