Verti-Cut 1300

The Verti-Cut 1300 employs specially designed Verti-Cut blades which encourage the healthy growth of turf, by cutting the lateral growth of grass roots, and removing dead plant material, allowing better water penetration, and more room for roots to grow. It can be powered with a tractor PTO or the Redexim Carrier, multipurpose prime mover and offers a large 48” working width for more productivity. Heavy-duty components are employed throughout for greater durability.

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Steel Blades
Long Lasting
Three PointGreater Versatility
Powered with Tractor PTO or Redexim CarrierGreater Versatility
Close Spacing Greater Effected Area

ModelVerti-Cut 1300
Working width52” (1300mm)
Working depth0” - 1.5” (0mm - 40mm)
Distance between the knives1.25" (30mm)
Recommended tractor18 HP with minimum lifting capacity of 408 lbs (185 kg)
PTO rpm Maximum 540 rpm
Weight342 lbs (155 kg)
(Theoretical at a speed of 5 km/h (3.1 mph))
21,325 sq. ft2/h (6500 m2/h)
Dimensions L x W x H 27.2” x 63.6” x 31.5”
(692 x 1616 x 801mm )
Standard components- Knives 2 mm
OptionalKnives 1mm- Knives 3mm