The Verti-Clean picks up surface debris with a rotating brush, which throws it on a vibrating sieve. The sieve filters infill material back on to the playing surface, while retaining the debris. Both the rotating brush and the vibrating sieve are powered by groundwheels. The lightweight hopper with debris can easily be removed for dumping.

Download Verti-Clean Brochure
Download Verti-Clean / Verti-Clean PTO Manuals

FastSaves time and money
Easy to useIt will rapidly become your operator’s favorite machine
Fast between jobsEnsuring trouble free use and simple maintenance
InexpensiveFits any budget
LightweightCan work with most any prime mover
Ground drivenNo hydraulics, no pto, no engine
Soft brushWill work with any turf

ModelVerti-Clean 1500
Working Width59” (150cm)
Tractor required (mounted)12 HP with 330lb. (150kg) lift capacity
Tractor required (towed)10 HP
Dimensions67”x 43”x 28”
(171cm x 108cm x 70cm)
CapacityUp to 323,000 sq.ft/h (30000 m2/h)
18 gallons (70 ltr)
Sieve mesh size5 x 5mm
StandardFixed and free floating 3-point linkage
Free floating rear brush
OptionalRear rake
Sieve mesh size: 3mm, 2 x 3mm, 2mm
4 x 4mm, 5mm, 6 x 6mm
Magnet for collecting ferrous materials
Tow kit
PTO drive
Optional, as towed versionMechanical, including drawbar
Hydraulic, including drawbar + wheels