The Verti-Brush quickly and effectively levels and distributes applied or existing infill with powerful hydraulic brushes. The five counter-rotating brushes can easily reach to the base of the turf to loosen and evenly redistribute fill or can be applied to mix and level a new application. The durable poly brushes can be accurately set to a specific depth to achieve a light surface brush-in or aggressively mix and loosen the deepest fill.

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easy depth adjustments
will meet the requirements of any field
five brush rotary action will loosen and redistribute the infill down to the base
simple design easy operation & easy brush replacement
can be used with vehicle or tractor versatile piece

Weight375 lbs (170 kg)
Tractor recommended13 hp (9.7 kW) with double acting valve and 2.6 g (10 L) per min. at 1,015 psi (70 bar)
Dimensions 120 cm x 170 cm x 85 cm (47 in x 67 in x 33 in)