Verti-Broom WB

For brushing and striping the turf nothing beats the simplicity of the Verti-Broom WB. The inexpensive and effective method of grooming turf fits the budget of any sports turf manager. The triangular design allows the brushes to be rotated as they wear for a longer life and they will straighten and groom each turf blade. The long, soft brushes quickly brush every surface to an even and level playing surface. The brush weighs 80 pounds (36kg) and is 40 inches (100 cm) wide.

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Long soft brushesGently grooms any surface
LightweightCan be pulled by hand or virtually any power unit
Triangular designLong lasting
Small sizeEasy to transport

ModelVerti-Broom Walk Behind
Weight80 lbs (36kg)
Working Width39" (100cm)