Turf Tidy 3000

The Turf Tidy is one of our most versatile machines incorporating de-thatching, flail cutting and sweeping. It is designed with a fully floating, cutting head that follows the grounds’ contours ensuring clean and even pick-up and runs on large rear “flotation” tires to minimize compaction.

The unique turbo fan makes a clean sweep of cores, leaves, pine needles, paper, and grass clippings. The large hopper means less time emptying and its high lift allows greater clearance when tipping.

Download Turf Tidy 3000 Brochure
Download Turf-Tidy 3000 Manuals

Feature Benefit
Three in one headVersatility- three jobs with
one machine
Floating headFollows contours
High speed rotorCreates high velocity
air flow for better pick up
Adjustable hitchFits all tractors
Split belt drive Plenty of power without slip
Quick change blades and brushes with forward accessSaves time
ModelTurf Tidy 3000
Operational width 71” (1800mm)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 141.8” x 87.5” x 71.3”
(3604mm x 2223mm x 1807mm)
Weight 2805lbs (1275 Kg)
Collection tray capacity 105 cu.ft (3.0m3)
Tilting height collection tray 85” (2,170mm)
Working speed

Sweeping @ 300 RPM PTO - 0.6-6 mph (1-10 km/h)
Scarifying@ 540 RPM PTO - 0.6-3 mph (1-5 km/h)
Mowing @ 540 RPM PTO - 0.6-1.5 mph (1-2 km/h)
Operational depth (With sharp blades) Scarifying: 1.2” (-30mm)
Mowing: 3.1” (+80mm)
Distance between the blades (Harrowing)0.8”/ 1.6” (20mm / 40mm)
PTO shaft RPM Sweeping: Up to 300 RPM
Scarifying: Up to 540 RPM
Mowing: Up to 540 RPM
Recommended tractor Sweeping: 25 HP
Scarifying: 45 HP
Mowing: 45 HP
Hydraulic tractor connector 2 single acting valve
Tractor connector Towing ring and pin
Standard parts - Scarifying blade set 0.08” (2mm) + blades with integrated tips (fitted)
- PTO shaft
- Tool case and manual
Optional extras - Scarifying blades 0.11” (3mm)
- Flail blades.
- Brush kit
- Front wheel set for the head.
- 2 extra rear wheels