Turf Tidy 2300

The Turf Tidy is a versatile sweeping machine, incorporating de-thatching, verticutting and flail cutting.

The Turf Tidy’s fully floating head follows the grounds’ contours ensuring accurate cutting and pick up. The excellent draft makes a clean sweep of leaves, pine needles, paper and grass clippings. The Turf Tidy is supplied as standard with scarifier blades, but can also be equipped with different flail blades.

Download Turf Tidy 2300 Brochure

Feature Benefit
Three-in-One HeadVersatility—three jobs with
one machine
Floating HeadFollows contours
High Speed RotorCreates high velocity
air flow for better pick up
Adjustable HitchFits all tractors
Split-Belt Drive Plenty of power without slip
Quick Change Blades and Brushes with Forward AccessSaves time

Model 2300
Working Width 55” (1.4 m)
Hopper Capacity 81 cu. ft. (2.3 cu. m.)
Weight2,998 lbs (1,360 kg)
Recommend Minimum Tractor Size
as Sweeper
as Scarifier
as Flail Mower

25 hp
35 hp
40 hp
Tractor Hitch Trailed ring and pin
Tractor Hydraulic
1 single and 1 double
acting outlet
Tractor hydraulic requirements Single acting outlet
Maximum 2,500 psi (175 bar)
PTO SpeedUp to 540 rpm
Tipping Height 85” (2,170 mm)
Standard Items– Set of scarifier blades
– PTO shaft
– Front roller
– Draw bar
Optional– Brush kit
– Front wheels
Part #DescriptionNotesQty.
241.140.002Brush KitFor collecting litter and debris1
241.140.006Dual Wheel KitFor creating a lighter footprint with heavy load1
241.131.014Caster Wheel KitFor use with Brush Kit to prevent roller for running over debris1