Turf-Stripper 1200/2000

The Turf-Stripper is used to mow, level, de-thatch, and renovate turf areas, as well as to harvest sprigs. It is ideal for use on golf courses, sports fields, and sod farms. It’s rotary action removes material and deflects it onto a conveyor system to be hauled away. An optional verti-cut blade kit can also be installed. The machine is highly productive and can be adjusted in small increments.

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High dump conveyor system
Able to load into standard carriers
Triple belt drive Simple repairs and adjustments
Wide working width More productivity
Precise adjustments Better field preparation
Optional blade attachments Mow, level, de-thatch and renovate with one machine

Working Width 49.2” (1.2m )79” (2.0m)
Working Depth 2" (Up to 50mm)2" (Up to 50mm)
Maximum Working speed1.8 mph (3 km/h)1.8 mph (3 km/h)
Weight in kg 1257lbs (570 Kg)2,756 lbs (1,250 kg)
Three-point connectionCat 1Cat. 2
Number of cutter knives per disc44
Number of disks1419
Recommended tractor30 - 40 HP40 - 50 HP
Minimum lift capacity of the tractor1,709lbs (775 kg)3,197lbs (1,450 kg)
Hydraulic connections of the tractor2x double-acting valves2x double-acting valves
PTO revs 540 rpm540 rpm
Standard items PTO with slip coupling Cutter knivesPTO with slip coupling Cutter knives
OptionalScarify knivesScarify knives