Turf Cutter 610

The Turf Cutter 610 cleanly cuts sod for repairs in lawns, fairways, sports field, and nursery applications. The machine can be used to cut a variety of turf types and to precisely shave the last bit of soil at your work site to prep a clean bed.

Download Turf Cutter 610 Brochure

PTO DriveCan mount to compact tractor or Redexim Carrier
Variable cutting depthWorks in a variety of grass types
Heavy duty steel frameLong life
24” wide blade standard More productive than pedestrian machines
Vibratory bladeEasier to make cut

ModelTurf Cutter 610
Weight600 lbs (272 kg)
Length34” (86cm)
Width31” (78cm)
Blades 24” standard
18” optional
Cutting Depth0-2.5” (0-6.35cm)