Speedseed 1200/1600

The Speedseed is ideal for sports grounds and golf courses where economy and random seed dispersements are important. The Speedseed overseeding machines offer the same accurate means to produce thousands of holes, deliver the seed and brush in, all with a single machine.

The spikes are conical shaped, so that more seed actually drops into the holes. The seed drops when the side wheel turns, so no spillage of seed when the machine is not in operation. Optional, a 2nd roller with spikes can be added for doubling the amount of holes per pass.

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Working Speed-7.5 mph (12kph)Saves time and money
Large Seed HopperLess time spent on refills
Spiked Disk RollerRandom dispersement of seed with no drill lines
New Feed SystemHandles all seed types-even bents-with great accuracy
Quick-Change Feed GearsFast and easy rate adjustment

 Speedseed 1200Speedseed 1600
Working width47.2” (1.2m)63” (1.6 m)
Weight816lbs (370kg)992 lbs (450 kg)
Number of holes
with one spiked roller
1124 per sq yd (940 per m2)1124 per sq yd (940 per m2)
Number of holes with
optional 2nd spiked roller
2201 per sq yd (1840 per m2)2201 per sq yd (1840 per m2)
Hopper capacity6cu.ft (168ltr)8 cu ft (225 ltr)
Seed densityfully adjustable for any type of seedfully adjustable for any type of seed
Tractor required20HP
992lbs (450kg) lift cap.
1213 lbs (550 kg) lift cap.
Ground speed capacityup to 6mph (10km/h)up to 6 mph (10 km/h)
Optional- 2nd spiked roller
(weight 174lbs/79kg)
- tines for rear roller (more holes per sq. ft.)
- 2nd spiked roller
(weight 231 lbs/105 kg)
- Wheel kit for tow version
(single acting hydraulics
- Dirt Scraper for spiked roller
- tines for rear roller (more holes per sq. ft.)