Speedseed 2100/2400

The new Speedseed models 2100 and 2400 are ideal to over-seed large areas quickly. The front spiked roller made of individual cast rings creates thousands of holes and can easily turn along any obstacles in its path. This seeder is designed for the turf manager that does not like the traditional rows created by other machines on the market.

Download Speedseed 2100/2400 Brochure
Download Speedseed 1200-1600-2100-2400 Manuals

Spike RollerThousands of holes
Individual cast ringsEasy replacement
Wider working widthMore productive
Accurate seeding systemLess waste and better germination

 Speedseed 2100Speedseed 2400
Working Width83" (2.1 m)94" (2.4 m)
Weight1375 lbs (625 kg) 1654 lbs (750 kg)
Number of holes
with one spiked doller
1124/sq. yd. (940/m²)1124/sq. yd. (940/m²)
Number of holes
with two spiked rollers
2201/sq. yd. (1840/m²)2201/sq. yd. (1840/m²)
Hopper capacity10.66 cu. ft. (300 L)12 cu. ft. (336 L)
Seed densityfully adjustablefully adjustable
Tractor required35 hp
1760 lbs (800 kg) Lift Cap
40 hp
2090 lbs (850 kg) Lift Cap
Ground speed capacityup to 6 mph (10km/h)up to 6 mph (10km/h)
Optional- 2nd Spiked Roller weighing 282 lbs (138 kg)
- tines for rear roller (more holes per sq. ft.)
2nd Spiked Roller weighing 348 lbs (158 kg)
- tines for rear roller (more holes per sq. ft.)