Rink TB 950

The top dresser TB 950 is manufactured exclusively for the application of fine grained, loose dressing material such as sand, grit, granulate or similar materials. The dressing device of the top dresser is driven by V-belts and chains. The dressing rate is controlled by a mechanical slide. Thus, the dressing material can be applied accurately. Dressing density or dressing rate can be determined by the driving speed and slide opening.

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ModelTB 950
Length84.6” (2.15 m)
Width42.5” (1.08 m)
Height50.4” (1.28 m)
Capacity12 cu. ft. (340 L)
Working Width37.4” (0.95 m)
Weight430 lbs (195 kg)
Dressing Width37.4” (0.95 m)
Tires4x wheels 13x6.50-6 4PR
Tire Pressure21.76 – 25.38 psi (1.50 – 1.75 bar)
Dressing AmountCan be controlled via slide