Rink DS 1200

The Rink DS 1200 is a top dresser with dual spinners with a spread pattern variable up to 30 feet (10 meters). The operation of the belt and spinners can be done from the tractor seat, by switching the hydraulic lever. No unnecessary drop of material takes place between stopping and operation, since the material release gate automatically closes when the belt is stopped. The spinner disks have been designed in a way that they will handle wet material very well.

Download DS1200 Mounted Brochure
Download Rink DS550-DS800-DS1200-DS2000 Manuals

Dual spinnersVariable spread pattern
Hydraulic controls The belt and spinners can be controlled w/o leaving the tractor seat
Automatically closing feed gate No waste of material
New spinner designWill work with even wet material

ModelRink DS 1200
Length 133” (3.40 m)
Width 57” (1.45 m)
Height63” (1.60 m)
Loading Capacity 1.56 cu. yd. (1.2 cu. m.)
Total weight capacity 4,400 lbs (2,000 kg)
Authorized axle load3,520 lbs (1,600 kg)
Authorized supporting load 880 lbs (400 kg)
Empty weight 1,000 lbs (450 Kg)
Spreading widthup to 36 ft (12 m)
Tire equipment 4 Swing tyres Multi Trac
Titan 20x10.00-8
Tire pressure 10 PSI (0.80 bar)
Speed Limit 19 mph (30 km/h)
Towing capacity 25 hp (min 20 Kw)
Spreading amount 2600 lbs (1179kg) lift capacity
Hydraulic connected load continuously adjustable
Minimum conveying capacity towing vehicle 6 gal/min (25 L/min)
Minimum pressure towing vehicle 1,960 PSI (140 bar)
Optional equipment- material handling conveyor
- electric controller