Rink 2020

For those requiring the sophistication of the 1520 and needing a model more ideally suited for sports fields, the 2020 PTO direct power model provides an economic alternative. The traditional 2020 with its PTO direct drive system makes it ideal for sports ground use where less frequent heavy dressings are the order of the day. The mechanical driven Rink 2020 is ideal to spread coarse material.

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Precise Metering Each model enables fine control over density
Large Capacity Hopper Less time re-tilling
Easy Belt Adjustment Two tracking guides keep belt centered
Exact Spreading WidthsFor neat and economical operation
Strong and Durable Lasts a lifetime
Works with Wet Material Economic, no need for dry sand
Brush Provides Accurate Scattering of Sand Allows continued use of turf area, ideal for sports fields
Ideal Weight Distribution Prevents compaction and damage to turf

ModelRink 2020
Length 150" (3.85 m)
Road Width 74" (1.87 m)
Working Width60" (1.40 m)
Height 75" (1.90 m)
Weight 2,094 lbs (950 kg)
Capacity 2.5 cu. yd. (2.0 cu. m.)
Tractor required 25 hp (19 kw)