Rink 1520

The 1520 makes large area spreading easier. This trailed unit holds over two tons of wet or dry top dressing, running on large, low-ground pressure flotation wheels. Power to move the self-aligning belt is hydraulic, and either the tractor direct or optional tank and pump is PTO powered. The spread thickness is controlled by belt speed and gate, and the standard drop spread width of 60 inches (1.40 meters), making this the most versatile top dresser.

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Precise Metering Each model enables fine control over density
For neat and economical operation
Roller Provides Accurate Scattering of Sand Allows continued use of turf area
Ideal Weight DistributionPrevents compaction and damage to turf
ModelRink 1520
Length 150” (3.85 m)
Road Width 74” (1.87 m)
Working Width60" (1.40 m)
Height 64" (1.70 m)
Weight 1,870 lb (848 kg)
Capacity 2.5 cu. yd. (2.0 cu. m.)
Tractor required 25 hp
Hydraulics Required 6.6 gpm/2,100 psi
OptionsAuxilliary tank and pump unit, infill kit