Rink 1205

The 12 series top dressers offer you the widest brush applicator top dresser available with a smooth even spread, over 6 feet (1.80 meters) wide. This makes the 1205 body mount spreader ideal for fitting onto your utility vehicle, as its spreading width will be outside the vehicle’s wheel width. The 1205 is hydraulically powered, either from the prime mover or optional auxiliary tank and pump unit. The full width continuous loop belt has edge guides to ensure central tracking. The Rink delivery and metering system is designed to ensure smooth, even distribution of all types of top dressing materials, including wet sand. The hopper is made of aluminum to avoid rusting.

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Precise Metering Enables fine control over density
Easy Belt Adjustment Two tracking guides keep belt centered
Exact Spreading Widths For neat and economical operation
Ideal Weight DistributionPrevents compaction and damage to turf
ModelRink 1205
Length 63” (1.60 m)
Road Width 80” (2.00 m)
Working Width72” (1.80 m)
Height39” (1.00 m)
Weight 661 lbs (300 kg)
Capacity 1.0 cu. yd. (0.8 cu m)
Hydraulics Required 3.6 gpm/980 psi
OptionsAuxilliary tank and pump unit