Rink 1010

The economical 10 series top dressers are ideal for use with low horse power compact tractors and can be either mounted on a 3-point linkage or trailed on four pivoting high flotation wheels to minimize ground pressure. Both models use the tractor hydraulics to power the guided belt and brush applicator. The Rink delivery system ensures an even spread with all spreading materials, even wet sand.

This unit uses tractor hydraulics to power the permanently, self-aligning conveyor belt, delivering the wet or dry material being spread directly to the brush applicator. The ever-popular 1010 model is trailed and rides on four pivoting flotation wheels.

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Download Rink 1005-1010 Manuals

Precise metering Each model enables fine control over density
Easy belt adjustment Two tracking guides keep belt centered
Exact spreading widths For neat and economical operation
Works with wet materialAllows continued use of turf area as top dressing is powered into sward
Ideal weight distribution Prevents compaction and damage to turf

ModelRink 1010
Length 74” (1.80 m)
Road Width 68” (1.70 m)
Working Width60” (1.50 m)
Height 51” (1.40 m)
Weight 600 lb (270 kg)
Capacity 1 cu. yd. (0.75 cu. m)
Tractor Required16 hp, 2,600 lbs (1,179 kg) lift capacity
Hydraulics Required 3.1 gpm/980 psi
OptionsAuxilliary tank and pump unit, infill kit