Rink 1005

The Topdresser 1005 is used for spreading small-grained, loose material such as sand, small granular material or similar products. The spreading equipment of the Topdresser is driven by a gear box with hydraulic motor for conveyor belt and a separate hydraulic motor for the brush roll. The number of revolutions of the hydraulic system for the conveyor belt can be continuously adjusted by means of a flow divider. Spreading density or spreading amount can be determined by the spreader speed and conveyor belt speed.

The typeplate is fastened onto the front right-hand side of the spreader.

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ModelRink 1005
Length1.10m (44")
Width1.74m (66")
Height1.00m (40")
Loading Capacity1.0m3 (1.3 cu yd)
Authorized Total Weight1700kg (3740lbs)
Empty Weightapprox. 190kg (420lbs)
Spreading Width1.5m (59")
Tyre Equipment3-point linkage (no tyres)
Speed Limit30km/h (19mph)
Towing Capacity30 HP min 1200Kg
(2600lbs) lift capacity
Spreading Amountcontinuously adjustable
Minimun conveying capacity towing vehicle121/min (3.1 US gal/min)
Minimum pressure towing vehicle70 bar (980 PSI)