Red Diamond Mower 1800

The Red Diamond Roller Mower is a multi-spindled rotary mower that uses high quality diamond blades, with an amazingly fast blade tip speed, providing a cleaner cut even on wet grass. The RD 1800 has full width rollers front and rear, which produce an attractive striping pattern and guard against scalping even when cutting at heights below 1 inch. The Red Diamond Roller Mowers are ideal for sports fields, golf courses, and any professional turf manager that is looking for a world class cut for an affordable price. Make the Red Diamond Mower your best friend.

Download Red Diamond Mower 1800 Brochure
ModelRed Diamond Mower 1800
Working Width71" (1.8 m)
Weight1,367 lbs (620 kg)
Cutting Height.5" – 4.5" (12 – 112 mm)
Working Speedup to 1.8 mph (3 kph)
Recommended Tractor30 hp with 1,700 lbs (775 kg) lift
capacity at 24" (610 mm) behind
the ends of the lifting arms