Court-Top SP

The Court-Top SP is an all-round machine for the regular maintenance of tennis courts made of synthetic turf.

The machine uses firm brushes designed to loosen compacted infill material, algaes and moss. The Infill is then evenly distributed by a plate, and this is followed by a soft brush leveling the surface. At the end a rear roller (not shown on photo) compacts the surface again, so that immediate play is possible. During the process the brushes clean the surface from debris.

Result is that the court regains its original playing characteristics, giving it an even bounce and perfect response to slice and spin shots as well as a good combination of grip and foot slide.

The Court-Top contains a 6 ½ hp engine on a 2-wheel carrier, and is very easy to operate.

Download Court Top Manuals
ModelCourt-Top SP
Working Width48" (1.2m)
Weight110lbs (50kg)
Power6.5 hp Honda engine