The Base-Rake with brushes is an inexpensive yet highly effective grooming brush that will gently lift your synthetic turf fibers and help level the playing field. This unit can be easily pulled with any utility vehicle. It also has spring tines that can be lowered and will gently loosen and decompact the infill.

Download Base-Rake Brochure

Soft and Gentle BrushesCan be used with any artificial turf
Narrower and Lightweight FrameCan be easily pulled and
will go through most gates
Manual Lift and LowerNo electric actuators to
break and replace
Adjustable Spring TinesGently breaks up and levels compacted infill

Working Width57” (1.45 m)
Weight167 lbs (76 kg)
Tractor Required16 hp with 992 lbs (450 kg) lifting capacity
Optional- Drawbar
- Transport wheelkit