A Synthetic Pitch is a significant investment, but it’s one of those common myths that they don’t need maintaining. There is another that says if they do, it will cost the earth. Myth breaker Charterhouse Turf Machinery can prove they do need maintenance and that you could do it for under $10,000 with their new ‘Basic Synthetic Tool Kit’.

This entry level kit can carry out regular but crucial maintenance to not only make the surface look good, but also to remove potentially harmful debris and revitalise the playing surface – bringing it back to optimum performance and extending its useful life. Each of the three pieces of equipment within the kit does a specific job – individually or part of a regular maintenance regime. Not only can they be used by compact tractors to operate them, they can also be simply pulled by an ATV or a quad bike aiding manoeuvrability within tight spaces.

The 1.8M Verti-Broom, with a highly effective triangular arrangement of brushes, will quickly brush surface infill even and level for an attractive and realistic finish to the synthetic turf. Verti-Groom not only brushes, but also loosens and decompacts the hardest infill. The spring steel flexible tines gently lift and break up compacted areas, mixing and incorporating sand infill. The specially configured rear poly brushes straighten and lift the turf fibres to leave them plush and upright for a soft and level playing surface. For picking up surface debris the Verti-Clean has a rotating brush to throw the detritus onto a vibrating sieve. This sieve then filters the infill material back on to the playing surface, but retains the debris in a lightweight hopper, easily removed for dumping. Demonstrations of the ‘Basic Synthetic Tool Kit’ are available, so if you would like to see the kit in action call 01428 661222.