Moscow, Russia’s Lokomotiv Stadium will be extensively used as a soccer training center during the 2017 Confederations Cup and the 2018 World Cup.  With all the activity and use, the field will be subject to excessive wear and tear caused by the players. Head Groundsman Vladislav Lysenko is using the Redexim Overseeder 1575 to regularly overseed the stadium field with rye grass.  The Overseeder uses two disc blades to cut a groove into the turf and drops the seed into the groove.  The amount of seed being planted is regulated by a highly accurate seeding mechanism inside the machine.  Redexim also manufactures Overseeder models in the double disc series, which cuts grooves into the turf only 3cm apart.  However, Vladislav choose the Overseeder 1575, seeding at 7cm groove spacing, as it requires considerably less tractor horse power.  His cross-seeding patterns allow him to achieve minimal distance between seeds by overseeding the field in multiple, different directions.  Check out the video of the Redexim Overseeder In Action

Lokomotiv Stadium Overseeder

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