06 Jul 2016
July 6, 2016

EURO 2016: France

Redexim Carrier & Verti-Drain helps English Base Camp to get rid of water!

England’s training camp based to the north of Paris in Chantilly is home to the team while competing in UEFA Euro 2016. Alan Ferguson, Head of Grounds and Estates for the FA group is not only responsible for Wembley Stadium and St Georges Park in England but also the Chantilly training camp during the competition. Alan must produce the same standard of pitch for the team to train on while away as they would expect at St Georges Park when training at home.

Alan has chosen the Redexim Carrier to assist him in carrying out this task. He knows the machines well and already has a number of them based at Wembley and St Georges Park which play a big part in the maintenance of these pitches. Alan knew he would require one in France and made arrangements to have a machine at the Chantilly camp for the run-up and duration of the tournament – this has proved to be a wise decision. The large volume of rain that the site has experienced means the pitches
have required more aerating than expected and the Carrier has been pivotal in this. The low ground pressure and ability to work down to 6″ / 150mm allows the pitches to be Verti-Drained while leaving no trace, allowing the England team to train immediately after the process.